Chris Latson is an extremely responsible individual, who possesses a great work ethic. He is self-motivated, dependable, conscientious, and hard-working. Hard work and dedication are qualities that he values greatly. Chris works well individually, as well as in a group or a team-oriented environment. He possesses the personality, character, and skills necessary to be a valuable asset for any company or individual searching for someone to work in the broad field of Media Production.

Chris is an aspiring digital filmmaker who is interested in documentary film as well as fiction. He is fascinated with digital video and audio, and enjoys non-linear editing as well. Chris is one of the new age filmmakers, or videomakers, who uses the computer as their primary tool in producing films. Besides making films, Chris also designs websites and creates computer generated graphic art.

What Chris lacks in experience, he more than compensates for in his ability to learn and process new information quickly. His hunger for knowledge is never-ending, and he enjoys learning and experiencing new things. Chris Latson possesses a desire to succeed, and he will stop at nothing until he achieves all of his goals.

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