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Fantasy Football 2004

In the fall of 2004, I particpated in a Yahoo! Fantasy Football League. I named my fantasy team Chad's Boy, after Chad of course, and participated in the online live draft. I played in Yahoo! League 11538. The season proved to be tough as I lost one of my big-time starters in RB Stephen Davis for the season in week 4. I was not gun shy and I took a chance on several rookies, such as TE Kellen Winslow, WR Roy Williams, WR Larry Fitzgerald, and RB Stephen Jackson. TE Kellen Winslow went out for the season early on forcing his contributions to the team to remain nearly non-existent. WR Larry Fitzgerald started accumulating points in the later part of the season, but in the beginning he was slow. WR Roy Williams started off fast before being slowed down by a nagging injury, but he had an okay finish to the season. RB Stephen Jackson never really made that many points. However, the prized gem of the team was my starting QB Peyton Manning.

QB Peyton Manning had a NFL record setting season, and he virtually carried my team through the season. I ended up with a regular season record 8-6, and went into the playoffs as the 2nd Seed. I won the semifinal game 78-55, and went to the Championship game. I won the Champonship game by the score of 79-71, which was a close and hard fought game. I enjoyed the 2004 season of Fantasy Football, which marked my second Yahoo! Fantasy Football Championship in 3 years.

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