My Life
Me & Reality Television

In May of 2000, I decided to audition for Season 10 of MTV's Real World and Road Rules Shows. The shows are produced by Bunim/Murray Productions, Inc., and have become a large part of popular culture, even before the big reality television movement of the late 1990s. I'm pretty sure that anyone with cable television has at least seen one episode of "The Real World" or "Road Rules", whether you care to admit it or not. When I decided to audition for the shows, I made an audition tape using my Sony Handycam and sent it to MTV. I basically just tried to be myself and be as "Real" as I could.

MTV says that about 40,000 people send in tapes every year, not counting the people who shoot interviews at selected locations around the country. Unfortunately, I was not the type of person they were looking for, because I didn't even make it out if the first round, or even get a courtesy call back. Oh well, is what I say. The audition tape was fun to make, and don't regret it at all. If I hadn't sent in a tape I would probably still be wondering whether or not I could have made it. They did however send me a courtesy "thank you for participating" letter though, which was extremely nice

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