My Life

In April 2008, I purchased the Wii video game console by Nintendo. In the past I have owend a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Nintendo 64 (N64) Sony PlayStation (PSX), and the Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2). I had been in love with the Sony PlayStation 2, but no gaming experience I have ever had can even com close to the Xbox 360. The best part of the Wii was the Wii Remote, which is a wireless motion controller, which adds a new experience to classic gaming. While I have enjoyed playing the Wii, for a serious gamer I don't think that it would satisfy your gaming needs completely, but it is great for casual gaming and party gaming with freinds. At this time, the online gaming capabilities leave a lot to be desired, but overall I am glad I purchased the Wii. The Wii was still hard to find, and I was luckily able to secure a Wii during one of the Wii Launches at Circuit City. I know there are hardcore gaming fans, including myself, who still swear by the Microsoft Xbox 360 or Sony PlayStation 3, but the Wii has found its niche, and the numbers don't lie, as it has constantly outsold both of the previously mentioned video game consoles. When you look at it, the Wii doesn't have the most impressive spec sheet, but you can't really spec out simplicity, excitement, or innovation.