My Life

In November 2007, I purchased a Microsoft Xbox 360 and joined the millions of other gamers on Xbox Live. Xbox Live. In the past I have owend a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Nintendo 64 (N64) Sony PlayStation (PSX), and the Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2). I had been in love with the Sony PlayStation 2, but no gaming experience I have ever had can even com close to the Xbox 360. In addition to the awesome graphics, even on my 27"-inch analog television, the gameplay and depth of the games and the Xbox interface are outstanding. But in my opinion Xbox Live is what makes the experience complete, and in my estimation, places the Xbox 360 about their major rival, the Sony PlayStation 3. I currently rock Xbox Live under the Gamer Tag "cclatson". I know there are hardcore Sony gaming fans, like I use to be that will say the PlayStation 3 is better, and that is fine. When you look at it, the PlayStation does have an impressive spec sheet and it seems among the current Next Generation systems, it has the most potential, but I believe in the "Now" instead of the "Later". Besides, if it does turn out to be a better gaming system in the future, I'll buy one then, as my Brand-Loyalty knows no shame.

Chris's XBOX Gamer Card