I am an energetic and talented professional who strives for excellence and tries to reach perfection in everything I do. My work experience and insatiable appetite for success is what places me above the rest. My educational background illustrates my dedication to achieving my goals and my professional skills exhibit I have attained the knowledge of the tools necessary to remain productive in the audio-visual, multimedia, and information technology fields.

University of North Texas
(MA) Master of Arts Degree in Radio, Television, and Film, August 2004

Masters Thesis: Contemporary Pirates: An examination of the perceptions and attitudes toward the technology, progression, and battles that surround modern day music piracy in Colleges and Universities. (Successfully Defended in June 2004)

University of Houston
(BA) Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications, May 2002
Graduated Cum Laude with Concentration in Media Production, Minor in Studio Art

Video Engineer II, University of Houston-Downtown
Responsible for monitoring instructional television classes, providing multimedia, production and digital media technical support, operating video production facility including supporting the university instructional recording studio. Performs audio and video editing using digital and analog editing suite. Performs setup and operates electronic lecture capture and prepares video segments for streaming on web or Blackboard site. Designs and produces segments for university digital signage system.

Responsible for establishing connections and monitoring live Interactive TeleVideo courses, operating audio/visual control and delivery system, editing audio and video projects, providing technical and operational support for university special events and academic presentations, assisting faculty in developing media-based presentations, and operating and maintaining electronic classrooms.

Responsible for responding to various hardware and software issues, providing technical support and assistance to users, and various other responsibilities.