"Chris is organized, knowledgeable, good-natured and a conscious planner. These strengths are just a few Chris displays on a daily basis. His output is efficient as well. He has become more than a useful employee, he has helped make others in his area better.

Chris always elicits feedback regarding his skills, strengths, and weaknesses. He is always able to identify areas for his self-development. He consistently works toward self-development. He is always enthusiastic about opportunities to learn and develop new skills.

Chris demonstrates a good ability to learn new processes and technologies quickly and effectively. He is usually enthusiastic about applying them in an appropriate and consistent manner. "
-Albert Holden
ITV Manager, University of Houston-Downtown

"Chris is a problem solver. He is dependable and has a positive, "can do" attitude whenever he helps a person or is assigned a job. He has often assisted me in preparing graphical and visual presentations which were difficult to prepare and innovative in execution. These presentations have been used at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and to help get property purchases and major capitol projects approved.

In summary, Chris has a high degree of self-motivation and his ability to work independently has enabled him to supplement the Facilities Information System's staff in such a way that has resulted in jobs being completed in a timely manner and at the next level of excellence that would not have been possible. He improved the work place for everyone with his bright, happy attitude, and his uncomplaining focused approach to everything. I would highly recommend Chris for any job he might undertake."
-Milton "Pat" Howell, P.E.
Associate Vice Chancellor for UNT System Facilities

"Chris has a great talent for learning the intricacies of computer applications. Because of this, he is a great help to our users with the use of applications and by doing projects on his own. And, Chris is a wizard with Adobe and Macromedia software as well as with Microsoft Office.

Chris is incredibly competent, he is always finding something new he can help us with, and he is unfailingly dependable. But, what really strikes all of us about Chris is that his happy attitude brightens every room he enters. Chris never has a bad day. And, he is more than just happy to help people; he is eager to help."
-Cynthia Harris
Information Systems Manager, UNT Facilities

"It has been both a privilege and a pleasure having Chris in my intermediate and advanced media production courses. I can say without hesitation that Chris is highly motivated and dedicated to academia. His tireless effort and enthusiasm are appreciated and his outstanding ability to set and achieve goals will find him highly successful in future endeavors."
-Shawn W. McCombs
Adjunct Professor, University of Houston's School of Communication

"With regard to his work ethics, Mr. Latson has proved himself a valuable employee in that he has been exceptionally conscientious, responsible, thorough, helpful, and dependable. More importantly, Mr. Latson routinely completes his assigned tasks in a timely and meticulous manner. He also seeks out new responsibilities and assignments in order to increase his proficiency at work and personal expertise. In addition, Mr. Latson's intellectual ability, motivation, and maturity are also outstanding as is shown by his dedication to furthering his education which we understand he has paid for himself.

Everyone in our office has really enjoyed working with Mr. Latson and values and appreciates him on a personal as well as a professional level. In sum, and given his commitment and focus, it is our collective view that Mr. Latson will be successful in whatever future endeavors he undertakes."
-Kemberly Warren
Partner, Warren & Siurek, L.L.P.